Patti Smith – Lyon – Theatre Antique – July 23rd 2013

with Guillaume and Anne

seated, ancient Roman Theatre, hot during the day, storm at the end of the concert – so we didnt stay for Rokia Traore

not so talkative as in Brussels, concert more toned down.

song for the Royal Baby – “Little Prince” – as he had been born the night before

Les Nuits de Fourvière

setlist from

  1. (Unknown)
  2. (Eddie Cochran cover)
  3. (Them cover)


Patti Smith – Brussels – Ancienne Belgique – June 24th 2013

with Anne, standing on the balcony

baby aspirin
Catching breath
Brussels song, Verlaine + Rimbaud
Happy birthday Jesse (her son and daughter present/playing at the gig)
Jackson – bass
Funny , witty – London, Japan, January 1997
Amy winehouse song
Nelson Mandela (it was the day after he was hospitalized)
Power , the future is now!