Patti Smith – Warsaw – Amfiteatr – Park Sowińskiego – August 17th, 2014

Awesome energy as always

Crowd in the front, security issues, Patti shouting at the security guys

Song for Robin Williams


Bruno Schulz was a nigger

Audience member on stage to play guitar



Garbage – Warsaw – June 9th, 2012

I missed my flight on Friday and had to be rerouted via Amsterdam the next day to make it for the gig.

Wouldnt wanna miss the 1st ever gig in my hometown, even if it was a shitty festival atmosphere and we were far.

09 Jun 2012


Automatic Systematic Habit / Stupid Girl / Temptation Waits / Shut Your Mouth / Queer / Metal Heart / Why Do You Love Me / The World Is Not Enough / Control / Cherry Lips / Blood For Poppies / Special / Milk / Big Bright World / I Think I’m Paranoid / Only Happy When It Rains / Vow / Push It

Garbage – Katowice – May 24th, 1999

first concert in Poland, with Kate, meeting the band for the first time

24 May 99 Spodek – Katowice, Poland

Temptation Waits / Not My Idea / I Think I’m Paranoid / Special / Queer / Hammering In My Head / Medication / #1 Crush / Stupid Girl / Vow / Milk / Sleep Together / Push It / Only Happy When It Rains / You Look So Fine // Supervixen / The Trick Is To Keep Breathing / When I Grow Up

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